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You don’t need to be an aviation enthusiast to pursue an adventure machine that flies. 3 of every 4 clients have no aviation experience. If you have aviation experience, trike flying can actually be frustrating for the first couple hours because the controls are opposite that of conventional aircraft. Motorcycle operation & energy management is typically the best background. 

The word “quality” in today’s advertising is almost as hollow as “customer service.” If we had to pull a definition from our asses, we’d say “quality” is a measurement between design intent and actual performance. It varies with perspective, but here’s what we know; whether you’re starting out with a Naked Goat or a fully customized Super Goat, we’re all adventurers & need to rely upon our equipment regardless of how much we spend. At Wild Sky, we measure “quality” in consideration of reliability and function. We couldn’t care less what it looks like because “quality” ALWAYS looks good no matter what color you paint it. At no point in our development did we cut corners in lieu of a “bottom line.” We built what we felt was strong, necessary & left everything else as options. We didn’t waste time or money on anything that didn’t contribute to a mission or functionality. At least that’s how we pursued “quality.” We’ll let you decide if we hit it or not.