Your Goat in the making…

photo-11“We can’t admit to abusing the Goat. But our testing process over a 5 year period would have destroyed every trike on the global market and many conventional aircraft.”

Yes, we bent it. We broke it. We scared the crap out of ourselves. Literally. We spent 5 years and over $1M prototyping with some of the best minds & pilots we knew. We didn’t do it because we we’re crazy, we did it because we knew what direction we needed to go to achieve the creation of a tool – not a toy.

Our network of off-road fabrication shops, adventure motorcycle clubs, side-by-side/ATV customizers and mountaineers told us one thing, “you have to find the machine’s limits, and in doing so, you’ll find yours too.

They knew what they were talking about. With humility & gravity staring us in the face, we pushed the envelope and this is the result. This is not just a trike with big tires. It’s not heavy. It’s not expensive.

We studied:

  • sheer loads
  • compression
  • tension
  • torsional loads
  • thrust lines
  • absorption
  • rebound
  • angles of attack/incidence
  • dog-leg landing
  • 10 – 20% grade uphill landings
  • side-hill landings (not recommended)
  • tracking
  • braking

We also tested various loading configurations and ultimate loads 3 to 5 times that of what the FAA and ASTM standards require. Our stall & impact testing alone exceeded 6 feet high at max gross weight in several configurations & trajectories.

And finally, we focused on short take off & landing (STOL) with emphasis on being easy to setup & transport coupled with “easy-to-fly.”  The Goat is one of a kind. It doesn’t need special care. It is not fragile. It just needs good fuel, your respect, and a little love once in a while. If anybody can build something better, we’d like to be your first customers. Until then, we’re looking to build our team of true adventurers. We hope to share what we’ve learned & hope to learn from you too.

After all, aviation is not about the planes, it’s about what you do with them.